How to Project Professional Online Image While Conducting Executive Job Search

November 14, 2011

Job Hunt, Personal Branding

More than 75 percent of executive recruiters say that they Google potential hires before calling them in for interviews, according to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle. This means that job seekers conducting an executive job search need to make sure that hiring managers see something positive when they Google their names.

After all, the Chronicle story also reported that nearly half of executive recruiters have eliminated job candidates because of what they’ve found online.

There are ways, though, for you to enhance your online presence. Doing so can mean the difference between landing that executive job and not even earning the chance for an interview.

Building the Right Website

First, you need to build a professional website that lists your career accomplishments, resume and goals. The odds are that your Web site is the first site that hiring managers will visit when searching for you online.

You should also have your own profile on LinkedIn. Many executive recruiters visit this business-themed social media site when considering candidates. Your LinkedIn profile should also list your career highlights.

Projecting a Professional Online Presence

Your next step should be to visit your Facebook page to make sure that it looks as professional as possible. You don’t want your professional job search derailed because of a few sarcastic or rude posts on your page. Clean out messages that don’t present you in a professional light.

Do the same with any blogs that you maintain. If you write a personal blog, comb through old entries to make sure that none contain criticisms of past employers, political statements that could be controversial, or the use of inappropriate language. Again, you want hiring managers to view you in a positive light; they won’t if your blogs do not reflect that you are indeed a professional.

Executive Job Search and Reputation Management

Blogging for Prestige

By the way, if you maintain your own blog focused on your field, this could be a good opportunity to boost your online presence among hiring managers. If your blog is filled with insightful posts about the state of your industry, new trends, and important news items, hiring managers might come to think of you as an industry expert. This can only help your chances at landing new employment.

And if you can land guest columns or articles in your industry’s trade magazines, this is even better. Most trade publications today post their print content online. Hiring managers who Google your name to find a scholarly article under your byline in your industry’s most prestigious publications are bound to come away impressed.

Your online presence can scuttle your executive job search or boost it to new heights. Fortunately, you do have at least some control over what potential employees see when they Google your name. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a professional first impression online.

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