A LinkedIn Job Search can Help you Buck the Employment Odds

November 21, 2011

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If you’re out of work, whether unwillingly or because you wanted to make a professional job change, you know how difficult it is to land a new job. But by relying on a LinkedIn job search, you can attract the attention of hiring managers and beat the unemployment odds.

To land work today, you must rely on several job search strategies. You must network with industry professionals, former college roommates, past co-workers and local business leaders to nab key job interviews and to learn about those open positions that haven’t yet hit the help-wanted section of your local newspaper or the online job boards.

Social Media Job Search

But you must also rely today on social media if you need help finding a job. Sites such as FaceBook and Twitter can help you stay in touch with industry professionals, former teachers and ex co-workers, all people who can help connect you to the hottest job leads.

The best social media site for finding a new job, though, might be LinkedIn. This social network, after all, was designed exclusively for business. It connects business professionals with other business professionals. What could be more perfect for someone seeking a new job?

The LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search Success

To conduct a strong LinkedIn job search, you’ll have to rely largely on traditional networking skills. Think of LinkedIn as a big chamber of commerce luncheon, one that gives you access to business professionals located in every corner of the globe.

First, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated. List your most recent achievements and positions on your profile. And if you are looking for a new job, make sure to include this key information. You never know; a business owner might see your profile, decide that you’re perfect for her company and offer you a job interview.

Building LinkedIn Contacts

Secondly, inform your network of LinkedIn contacts that you are actively looking for new employment. One of your contacts might be looking to make a new hire, or maybe xthey know of someone else who is. A contact might even know that a senior manager is leaving his company; that might open an opportunity for you.

Don’t be discouraged if your initial message doesn’t generate immediate job interviews or employment leads. Continue to chime in on conversations in your field. Make new LinkedIn contacts. Over time, you might contact a business pro who can help you in your efforts to find a new job.

A LinkedIn job search might not provide immediate results. But it is one important tool in your efforts to land new employment. Don’t neglect it.

If you need help formulating a LinkedIn job search strategy, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We can teach you how to become a LinkedIn pro.


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