Over 60? Networking Skills are the Key to Landing New Job

November 29, 2011

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Networking Skills Senior EmploymentForbes recently ran an interesting story about the dilemma that older U.S. residents face if they lose their jobs. The story also highlights just how important networking skills are to those unemployed workers above the age of 60.

The Forbes story details the difficult decision that workers face when they lose their jobs at the age of 62. They can claim Social Security benefits, but if they do so, they’ll permanently reduce the amount of Social Security dollars that they receive each year.

The Older Job Seeker

Landing a new job at the age of 62, though, can prove challenging. Many employers, for better or worse, don’t want to take a chance on hiring a worker who might retire in three to five years anyway.

The key for job seekers who find themselves in this position? Networking skills. By brushing up on their networking skills and by learning how to most effectively sell themselves, older job hunters can boost their chances of securing job interviews and landing new positions.

The Importance of Networking

Networking skills are a must for anyone in the middle of finding a career. Becoming a networking pro is one of the best pieces of job search advice that job hunters can receive. But it’s especially important for older job seekers. Networking gives these workers the chance to convince important business professionals that they’ll be a good hire, despite whatever qualms hiring managers might have about their ages.

For instance, a 62-year-old out-of-work accountant might chat up a local business owner at a Rotary Club meeting. During this conversation, the unemployed accountant can mention her experience, can bring up the wide variety of businesses she has worked with during her career. This might pique the interest of the business owner to where they might consider adding her to their staff roster.

Boosting Your Job-Landing Odds

Making this sell would be far more difficult if the unemployed accountant was merely responding to online job board listings or sending out resumes blindly to potential employers.

It’s not unusual in today’s challenging hiring market for the unemployed to need help finding a job. The competition for the vast majority of open positions is fierce. This competition is even stronger, though, for the older unemployed worker. Without networking skills, such workers will face the tough decision outlined in the Forbes story.

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