Even in an Online World Networking Skills Still Matter

We might be living in an online world, but that doesn’t mean that traditional networking skills aren’t still important. Sometimes you have to meet and network with people on a face-to-face basis if you want to land your dream job.

You’re on LinkedIn. You’re wearing out your keyboard with Tweets. And if Facebook friends were dollars, you wouldn’t need to find a new job. This is all good, and these social networking sites can serve as key allies in your efforts to find a new job. But social networking sites aren’t meant to be a replacement for traditional networking. Instead, they should be a supplement.

Traditional Networking v. Online Networking

Online Networking or Traditional Networking, which is Better?You remember traditional networking, right? It’s when you attend your local chamber of commerce’s monthly meetings so that you can chat up the business owner down the street who just might know a lawyer whose office needs a new associate. It’s when you call up your sister-in-law who works in marketing and ask her if she’s run across any clients who need a smart IT professional, and, if so, would she mind vouching for your IT skills?

It remains a real truth that it’s far easier today to win a job through traditional networking than it is by applying for every online want ad you stumble across. It’s a far more effective tool, too, than is waiting for someone to respond to your 20th Tweet of the day with a live job offer.

Of course, networking isn’t the easiest of tasks; many job seekers struggle with it. It’s not easy to sell yourself in person, in even the most subtle of ways. It’s far easier to spend your time creating online profiles and adding friends to your Facebook page. But the time spent networking with professionals in your field, or with people who know these professionals, will pay off with the strongest job leads.

Remember, finding an online job ad doesn’t count as a job lead; the odds are hundreds of other equally skilled potential employees will be competing against you for this position. But when someone recommends you for a job? That’s a lead that can lead to full-time employment.

Social Networking Sites are a Starting Point not the Ending

Don’t fall into the trap of relying solely on online social networking sites to make the connections you need to find a job. Turn off the computer and attend that meeting; stop by that business luncheon and meet with those professional friends whom you haven’t seen in months. In other words, take your networking skills into the real world and let them shine.

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