Social Media Alternative to Screaming “Help Me Find a Job!”

December 30, 2011

Job Hunt, Networking, Online Networking

Help Me Find a Job  Using Social MediaAccording to a recent story by the New York Times, unemployed people in theUnited Statesare spending an average of 36.7 weeks to find new jobs. That nearly nine-month gap is the longest average period of unemployment since the U.S. Department of Labor began tracking this stat in 1948. It’s no wonder so many unemployed people are waking up with one wish each morning: Help me find a job.

But finding a job today takes more than just wishful thinking; it takes a concerted effort on the part of unemployed workers. Fortunately, today’s workers have more resources than ever to help them land new employment.

The Rise of Social Media

This is thanks to the rise of social media. Such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can help unemployed workers connect with old friends who might know an area business owner who needs part-time accounting work. An unemployed person’s LinkedIn profile might attract the attention of a college friend who is hiring lawyers for her new law office. And a Facebook post about being in the job market might lead to contact from a long-lost co-worker who knows of a job opening at his publishing company.

The Facebook, LinkedIn Advantage

There’s no doubt that those workers who know how to skillfully wield social media sites have an advantage when it comes to landing new jobs. That’s because the best way to find new employment isn’t to scour the help-wanted sections of local newspapers or the online job sites; it’s to know the right person.

Unemployed workers stand a far better chance of landing a job interview when a friend, former co-worker, or former teacher recommends them for the position than they do when competing against hundreds of resumes sent in response to an online job posting.

Networking Your Way to a Job

Landing a new job today remains all about networking, connecting with those people who can help job seekers land interviews before jobs even hit the online hiring boards or newspaper classifieds. Old-fashioned face-to-face networking at business lunches, civic club meetings, and business after-hours events is still important. But social media networking has grown to become a tool that’s every bit as critical to job hunters.

If you’re spending your days shouting “Help me find a job!” it’s time to take a different approach to your job search. A social media job search could be the key to landing your next dream job.


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