How to Make a Social Media Job Search Work for You

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There are nearly 13 million people unemployed in the United States right now. This means that employers can be picky about whom they hire to fill their open positions. But, what does this mean to you? You need to show hiring managers that you can master a social media job search to convince them that you’re the right person for their jobs.

The Social Media Job Search

A social media job search, in which you rely on such sites as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find new work, can help you find a new job more quickly. These social media sites allow you to connect more quickly and easily with past bosses, former co-workers, and anyone else who can help you in your efforts at finding a job.

But when you’re making a professional job change, engaging in a social media job search also shows employers that you know the high-tech social media skills that most hiring managers want today.

The Changing World of Work

The world of work is changing. Employers want their employees to know the basics of cloud computing, social media marketing, and online communications. Those employees who rely on these techniques to land interviews and find jobs will have already shown potential employers that they are up to date on key technology.

Remember, employers have plenty of job seekers to pick from when filling open positions. When you are conducting your executive job search, then, you need to stand out from this crowd. One way to separate yourself from your competition is to prove decisively that you are a master of social media.

High-Tech and Old-Fashioned Networking

When you’re in the midst of a job search, then, make sure to rely both on old-fashioned face-to-face networking and social media networking to secure interviews. By doing so, you’ll already be showing your potential new bosses that you know and understand new technology.

If you need help mastering social media, be sure to investigate our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can help you become a wizard at a social media job search on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and land that job that you’ve been dreaming of.

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