Rely on Resume Tips and Networking Skills to Avoid Job Search Careers

No one wants to be stuck in the dreaded job search careers. What are such careers? They occur when job seekers turn looking for a job into a full-time career.

In today’s shaky national economy when the unemployment rate in many cities is still near 10 percent, finding a new job requires job seekers to log long days networking, searching online job openings, scouring the newspaper classified sections and posting on social media sites, all in the hopes of securing an elusive job interview.

Avoid Job Search Careers

But you don’t want these job search careers to last too long. After all, no one’s paying you to look for work.

The best way to shorten your search for a new job is to brush up on your networking skills and to rely on some important resume tips.

Networking Skills Matter

Networking with former co-workers, bosses, professors, and clients remains the best way to find a new job. The members of your business sphere might know of a fellow employee who will soon be leaving her job, giving you the chance to contact that employee’s hiring manager before the open position hits the online job boards and newspaper classifieds. The people in your business network might also be willing to personally recommend you to executives or hiring managers who are actively hiring. These recommendations can set you apart from the others applying for the same position.

The Social Media Difference

It’s important, then, for job seekers to network every day. This could mean sending a message on LinkedIn to your connections that you are looking for new work. It could mean attending a business-after-hours event in your town. It could even mean giving a guest lecture in front of the local Lions Club. Anything that gets your name and face in front of business professionals is worthwhile when you’re searching for a new job.

Update Your Resume

It’s important, too, to update your resume when you’re hunting for new work. Make sure that your resume effectively highlights your skills and your accomplishments. Today’s hiring managers want to hire candidates who have accomplished real tangible goals, such as saving their former employers money or boosting sales at the companies at which they formerly worked.

If you need additional strategies for cutting short your job search career, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can help you take the steps necessary to find new work in 2012.

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