Even When Unemployment Falls, You Might Still be Saying, “Help Me Find a Job”

For once, the employment news has been good. A recent New York Times story reported that the United States added 200,000 new jobs in December. At the same time, the unemployment rate in that month fell to 8.5 percent, a three-year low. This good news, though, doesn’t mean much if you’re still unemployed. You might still wake up every morning thinking, “Someone, help me find a job.”

Help Me Find a Job

The truth, though, is that the only person who can help you find a job is you.

Job Search Strategy

If you still need help finding a job, it’s time to take a closer look at your job search strategy so far. First, are you using all of the resources available to you to find a new job? Today’s smart job seekers rely on a combination of old-fashioned, in-person networking with former co-workers, industry professionals, and local business leaders and a high-tech social media campaign.

Social Media Job Search

Thanks to sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you can quickly let a lot of people know that you are looking for a new job. Many of these online contacts might be able to clue you in on a job opening that hasn’t yet hit the online job boards or newspaper classified ads. Others might know a neighbor or family member who is retiring or leaving a position that is soon to be open in your field. Other online contacts might be happy to write you letters of recommendation that might help you stand out from the other applicants for an open position.

Networking Skills Remain the Key

But knowing how to find a job today also means knowing how to network the old-fashioned way – in person, face-to-face. Maybe your local chamber of commerce is holding a job fair. Maybe the local business community holds regular business after-hours events. Attend these events, even when you’d rather sit home and relax. You never know whom you might meet while networking at one of these functions. Again, you might run into someone who knows of the perfect job for you that’s just become available.

It’s one thing to be unemployed when every news headline bemoans the poor hiring conditions in the country. But when the unemployment rate actually starts to trend downward and you’re still unemployed, you might start to doubt that you’ll ever figure out how to get a job. The good news, though, is that if you continue your job search on a two-pronged basis, focusing on online social media networking and in person, face-to-face networking, the odds are good that you will find your new job in 2012.

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