Asking “Help Me Get a Job” Isn’t Enough Today

January 30, 2012

Recruiters, Résumé

Asking others “Help me get a job,” simply isn’t enough today to find work. Jobs remain scarce, even with the national unemployment rate dropping in December. To find new work today, you have to know how to get a job.

And sometimes that means working with a professional.

Money is tight today. But some job seekers will benefit by hiring a job search professional. Career counselors can help unemployed clients fine-tune their job search strategies, polish their resumes, and boost their job interview skills.

Help Me Get a Job Fast

A qualified career search counselor can also help job hunters brush up on their networking skills and master the techniques necessary to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to help land a new job.

Working with a Career Counselor

The key, of course, is to work with a job counselor who actually has the talent and skills to help you with your job search. This requires interviewing any job search professional with whom you intend to work.

You’ll need to ask the right questions to determine if those advertising themselves as career counselors actually have the qualifications to deserve that title. First, ask these counselors how long they’ve worked at helping people switch jobs or find new careers. Secondly, ask them how successful they’ve been, especially in today’s challenging economy. You want to work with a job search counselor who has actually helped the majority of his or her clients find work.

Career Counseling Training

Next, ask potential counselors what training they’ve taken to become career counselors. There’s nothing stopping people from calling themselves job search counselors. But you want to work with a counselor who has actually taken the continuing education necessary to stay updated with today’s job market.

Finally, be sure to ask the career counselors whom you interview for a list of past clients – then be sure to call these clients. Ask these clients if the counselors did help them find work and how responsive the counselor was when they had emergency questions. Also ask if the counselor provided any out-of-the-box strategies for finding work.

Job Search Skills

Knowing how to get a job today is a unique skill–no more of this, “Help me get a job.” begging. Sometimes it pays to work with a professional to guide you to your new job. If you want advice on choosing a career counselor, or if you simply want to hone your job search skills on your own, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We can provide you with the skills you need to give your job search a boost.


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