Know How to Job Search to Find a Career, Not Just a Job

If you know how to job search properly, you’ll have the tools you need to find a career, not just a job.

That may not sound right. After all, for more than three years the media have reported on how difficult it is for the unemployed to find any type of job. And the idea of voluntarily leaving a stable job to find a higher-paying, more satisfying career? That’s unheard of in today’s challenging job market, right?

Positive Employment Signs

Not necessarily. The national unemployment rate finally slipped below 9 percent in November and the number of people applying for unemployment benefits has fallen to its lowest level since April of 2008, according to the Associated Press. At the same time, the Associated Press reports the economy has generated at least 100,000 jobs a month, five months in a row – all positive signs that companies are staring to hire again. A panel of economists surveyed recently by the Associated Press reported optimism that hiring will only increase in 2012.

For today’s professional job seekers, this means one thing: Those who know how to job search properly should now be able to find not just a job but a satisfying career.

The Multi-Faceted Job Search

How to Job Search for a CareerThe best way to avoid simply finding a job instead landing that dream career is to conduct a multi-faceted job search. This means scanning online job sites and newspaper classifieds for appropriate positions. But it also means networking both in person and through social media sites to find potential employment in the hidden job market, those jobs that haven’t yet been listed online or in the classifieds.

And it is typically these hidden job listings that will help you find a career instead of merely a job.

Think about it: When you apply for a job that’s listed on a major online employment site, you’re competing against hundreds of other job seekers. When you connect with a former co-worker who recommends you to her supervisor who happens to be looking to fill an open position, you have an immediate edge, something that sets you apart from the other job seekers hoping to grab the same position.

Making Job Hunting Easier

The same thing happens when during a chamber of commerce luncheon you chat up a local business owner who happens to know of an opening two towns over that’d be perfect for you. You can contact that hiring manager to secure an interview before the position even hits the classifieds. Again, you’re giving yourself an edge.

Job hunting remains a challenge today. But the economy is showing signs of life. This means that you can set your sights higher. You can search for more than a job today; you can search for a career.

But to do this, you must know how to job search. And today, that entails brushing up on your networking skills.

If you need help with how to job search for a lifelong career, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We’ll help you master both the offline and online job hunting skills that you need to land that ideal career.

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