Job Search Advice a Key Factor in Landing New Employment

January 12, 2012

Networking, Offline Networking

Job Search Advice NetworkingJob seekers are more optimistic that they’ll find new work early in 2012, according to a new survey. But those who should be truly optimistic are those who follow this piece of job search advice: Job seekers today need to network with everyone they know if they want to cut their job search short.

Employment Optimism

A recent survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas found that 30 percent of 600 people who called a job search advice helpline thought that they’d find a new job within three months. That’s a dramatic improvement from the same time last year, when only 18 percent of helpline callers believed the same thing.

Network to Shorten Your Job Search

The best way for people to shorten the amount of time it takes to find a new job is for them to network with friends, family members, past co-workers, former bosses, and past college professors. They should attend chamber of commerce and business-after-hours meetings, too, all with the goal of learning about an upcoming job opening or securing a recommendation that could prove essential in their job search.

Networking, of course, involves much more than just walking up to a local business owner and saying, “Help me get a job.” Job seekers who network successfully convince past bosses, former co-workers, and local business professionals that they have the experience and skills necessary to fill an open position or help an area business succeed. To do this, job seekers must be able to succinctly explain their past career accomplishments and they helped their former employers achieve their goals.

Selling Your Accomplishments

An executive job search, then, requires people skills. It’s not enough for the unemployed to respond to every online job listing that they find. Those who take that approach will be competing with hundreds of equally experienced job hunters for the attentions of hiring managers. Those job seekers whose networking skills gain them recommendations or leads on job openings that haven’t yet hit the online job boards or newspaper classifieds will have a definite edge in landing new employment in the New Year.

And these are the job seekers who will justify the optimism in that Challenger, Gray & Christmas survey.

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