Knowing how to Job Search Can Make 2012 a Happy Year

How to Job Search in 2012The U.S. economy added more than 200,000 new jobs in December of 2011. This gives you hope; you’ve been searching for a job for months without any success. Now that it appears that companies are hiring again, you’re eager to jump back into your job search with passion. But before you do this, you must either learn or re-learn the basics of how to job search.

Today’s Best Job Searches

Searching for a new job today requires more than just scouring the “Help Wanted” ads in your local newspaper. It means more, too, than logging onto Craigslist each day hoping to find a job that suits you. The odds simply aren’t in your favor when you search for jobs this way. In fact, if searching the job listings is your only job search strategy, then it’s little wonder that you need help finding a job.

Today’s best job searches involve networking, social media, and keeping an eye on the “Help Wanted” ads. You might also need to brush up on your interviewing skills. And if your resume is outdated, it’s time to tweak that, too. Simply put, looking for work today is a full-time job.

Networking Skills Matter

Networking is your single best tool for finding a job. By connecting with former co-workers, bosses, and professors, or by chatting with local business owners and business professionals, you can find positions that are opening in the hidden job market. These are the jobs that haven’t yet hit the classifieds or online job boards.

For instance, a former co-worker might know of an opening coming up at his company. The lawyer in your neighborhood might know of an attorney who is leaving her job at an area law firm. In both cases, you can target the hiring managers at these companies, sending them your resume or calling them before these positions hit the open market. Doing this gives you an advantage over the hundreds of other job seekers sure to be aiming for the same position.

Social Media Job Search

Then there are the social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Using these sites, you can instantly connect with a wide range of contacts. If you’re looking for work, you can send a quick message to your contacts saying this. Maybe you’ll receive a message in your LinkedIn inbox from someone who knows of a job opening. Again, this can help you get the jump on your competitors for the same position.

Knowing how to job search today, then, is the key to landing a new position in 2012. If you need job search training, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our seminars can give you all the advice you need to land your ideal job in 2012.


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