Conduct a Multi-faceted LinkedIn Job Search

January 1, 2012

Job Hunt, Online Networking

No one enjoys job searching. It’s truly a drag. But by conducting a LinkedIn job search, out of work employees can make the job search process move at least a little faster.

LinkedIn is a site that job hunters conducting an executive job search should not ignore. In fact, hiring managers say that they often scour LinkedIn for candidates whose profiles fit their hiring needs. This means that job seekers might receive a surprise call from the hiring manager at a Fortune 500 company. When conducting a job search, this qualifies as a pleasant surprise.

But not all LinkedIn job searches are created equal. The best such job searches entail using LinkedIn in several different ways.

Linked In Job Search that Gets Results

A Professional LinkedIn Profile 

First, when starting a LinkedIn job search, workers must make sure to tweak their LinkedIn profiles. Workers never know who will be looking at their profiles. This means that workers should keep their profiles as professional as possible, and should make sure that they contain their latest positions and accomplishments.

Making LinkedIn Connections

Next, job hunters need to make connections to people in their fields. The more strong connections through LinkedIn that people make, the better their chance of running into a professional who can clue them in an upcoming vacancy at their company or recommend them a hiring manager now conducting interviews.

A word of warning goes with this, though: LinkedIn users need to be careful not to connect with just anyone. They should only make connections with people they know, trust, and have worked with in the past.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Job hunters should also seek recommendations through LinkedIn from their former co-workers and supervisors. These recommendations tell hiring managers that candidates have earned the trust of others at their previous employment stops.

Finally, don’t forget to search LinkedIn jobs database. The amount of jobs available won’t compare to the avalanche of jobs that people might find at the best job sites. But the jobs themselves might be of a higher quality.

If you need tips on how to best use perform your LinkedIn job search, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our employment experts can teach you how to become a LinkedIn pro.




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