A LinkedIn Job Search Can Have You Working in 2012

It’s easy to let the nation’s dismal employment numbers intimidate you. But don’t fall victim to this. Through a LinkedIn job search, you can beat the odds and find a new job this year.

We all know that LinkedIn is a top social media website, one designed for business communications, but you might not know that LinkedIn is one of the best job search websites, too. If you hope to conduct a professional job search in 2012, you owe it to yourself to explore the benefits provided by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn to Find a Job

It’s not unusual to need help finding a job today – that’s where LinkedIn comes in. First, you can send a quick message among your LinkedIn contacts that you are officially on the hunt for new employment. You never know; one of your LinkedIn contacts might know of a publishing company that is searching for a new human resources manager. Another might know that a co-worker at her consulting firm will be leaving his position before the end of the month. If you move fast enough, you might be able to contact the hiring managers at these firms and secure job interviews before your competitors see the help-wanted ads online or in their local newspapers.

LinkedIn even boasts a status button. You can set this to instantly tell your contacts that you are looking for new employment. If you’re lucky, someone in your LinkedIn contacts might see this, decide that you might be a good fit for their company, and send you a message.

LinkedIn and the Law of Big Numbers

A LinkedIn job search operates on the “law of big numbers” theory. When jobs are difficult to land – and with nearly 13 million unemployed people in the United States today looking for work, new jobs are definitely not easy to come by – the more people you involve in your efforts to find new work, the better your odds become of erasing your unemployed status.

Connecting with Former Managers

You can also use LinkedIn to connect with former managers and ask them for their recommendations. Many people today are out of work because they were laid off due to their company’s financial difficulties and not because their job performances weren’t stellar. If you’re in this situation, you have nothing to fear by asking your former bosses to write brief letters of recommendation. These letters can be critical in helping you secure job interviews and new positions.

If you need help learning how to conduct your next LinkedIn job search effectively, consider enlisting in our Get Hired Boot Camp. This boot camp, staffed by the most seasoned of job search consultants, can help you dramatically increase your odds of landing your dream job in 2012.


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