The Executive Job Search: Finding that Elusive Dream Job through Social Media and Conventional Tactics

If you’re in the middle of an executive job search, you’ve probably learned by now that you’re not going to find many high-level positions by scouring Craigslist or circling “Help Wanted” ads in your local paper. Executive level jobs simply aren’t advertised that way.

Executive Job Search Craigslist

The Hidden Job Market

In fact, executive level jobs usually aren’t advertised at all. They’re most often part of the hidden job market. And to find these jobs, you’ll need to brush up on your networking skills.

When companies need to hire professionals for high-level management jobs, they don’t want to advertise on online job boards or newspaper classified sections; this attracts too many unqualified candidates, something that wastes everyone’s time. Instead, companies often rely on recommendations from trusted sources when they are looking to fill their executive positions. Other times, they’ll actively search out specific individuals to fill the most critical open positions at their companies.

The Executive Career Change

If you’re looking to make an executive career change – one in which you are moving to a lucrative position by choice not because you were laid off – you’ll need to be on the radar of hiring managers. To do this, you’ll need to network.

By networking with past co-workers, former bosses and past professors, you’ll quickly spread the word throughout your industry that you are looking for new work. That former professor, for instance, might know a hiring manager who is looking for an executive-level manager for her company. That former boss might be willing to send a letter of recommendation to a hiring manager that might set you apart from the competition for a plum job. A former co-worker might clue you in on an opening at his company that hasn’t yet been filled.

The Advantage of Networking

These are all advantages that come from successful networking. When conducting an executive job search today, you’ll need to rely on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to spread the news that you’re looking for a new job. You’ll have to attend business-after-hour events and chamber of commerce luncheons to chat with local business professionals. You might even consider giving guest lectures at your local community or four-year college as a way to build your reputation as an industry expert.

If you need help with your executive job search and with boosting your networking skills, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our instructors can give you the advice you need to crack the hidden job market.


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