Wanting to Know Where to Search for Jobs in 2012? Read on to Find the Answer

The national unemployment rate slipped under 9 percent – at last – in November of last year. But that doesn’t mean that the jobless rate where you live isn’t even higher. In fact, in cities such as Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles, the unemployment rate is far higher than November’s national unemployment rate of 8.6 percent. For job seekers in these high unemployment areas, it’s critical to know where to search for jobs.

Where to Search for Jobs Unemployment Map

Job Search Tools

Today’s unemployed must wield a number of tools when conducting a professional job search. This means relying on social media to tell important contacts that you are out of work and looking for a new position. It means attending meetings at the local chamber of commerce or business groups to meet influential business leaders in person. It means scanning the best job search websites and the newspaper “Help Wanted” ads.

And it certainly means networking with everyone they know, from family members and members of their churches to past employers, former co-workers, and long-ago college professors. Job seekers today never know who is going to pass onto them that hot lead on a new job opening three towns away. They never know, either, which of their networking contacts will be a second cousin to a hiring manager at one of the largest employers in their field.

Searching for Work a Full-Time Job

It may sound like finding a job today is a full-time job in itself – that’s because it is. A professional job search doesn’t mean scanning the employment sites each morning and then calling it a day. It means actively looking for new employment most of the day. There’s simply too much competition for open jobs – the U.S. Department of Labor reports that there are eight job seekers for every open job in the country – today for the unemployed to not take looking for a new job seriously.

This means that the importance of knowing where to look for jobs has never been higher. And if you happen to be looking for a job inMichiganorCalifornia, states with sky-high unemployment rates, you need to be especially active in seeking out new networking and job-searching opportunities.

A Competitive Job Market

In today’s competitive employment arena, no one is going to hand anyone a job opportunity; job seekers must search out these opportunities on their own. Conducting a job search that includes everything from a LinkedIn job search to traditional networking, to socializing at the next business after-hours event is the best strategy.

If you need assistance in formulating your own job search strategy, make sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job counselors can help you with where to search for jobs in today’s economy.



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