If You Don’t Know Where to Search for Jobs, Don’t Expect to Land Any

With so many people looking for work today – the U.S. Department of Labor reports that about 12.6 million people are unemployed in the country – it’s more important than ever to know where to search for jobs.

Where to Search for Jobs

And you might be surprised to know that the best job search doesn’t focus on online job sites or newspaper classified listings. Instead, the best place to search for new jobs is with your past co-workers, former bosses, friends, neighbors, and family members. In other words, if you want to find a job today, you must brush up on your networking skills.

High Unemployment Equals High Odds

Consider the odds: When you apply for a job listed on an online job board, you’ll be competing against hundreds of other job seekers sending in their own resumes. Many of these job hunters will have every bit as much experience as you boast.

But when you network with former co-workers and bosses – whether you do it by telephone, at a lunch meeting, or online through sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn – you might coax that colleague into recommending you to a hiring manager. That colleague might also know of a job opening in your field that hasn’t yet hit the online job boards or newspaper classified listings. When you apply to one of these jobs, you’re not competing with nearly as many candidates.

The Networking Advantage

And when you hit a job interview armed with a recommendation? That immediately sets you apart from the other job seekers also applying for that position. Improving your networking skills, then, is one of the best job search strategies that you can use on your next job search.

Join your local chamber of commerce, too, or attend a business after-hours event. Here you’ll meet plenty of business professionals in your community. You never know which of these professionals might know of a job opening in your field just a town away.

Where to Search for Jobs

Knowing where to search for a job means much more than simply opening the Help Wanted section of the paper or searching Craigslist every morning for open positions. Expect the job market to remain challenging as 2012 continues and expect networking skills to be the crucial tool to landing a job this year.

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