Tap Specialized Employment Sites for Successful Executive Job Search

February 6, 2012

Job Hunt, Online Networking

Executive Job Search OnlineYou’ve been conducting your executive job search – looking for a new position that comes with more prestige and pay than your current job – with little success. The executive-level jobs that you do see advertised on employment sites are quickly swamped with resumes and applications from candidates who are just as qualified as you.

It’s not easy to set yourself apart from your competition, even with your experience and strong skill set.

The solution? It’s time to avoid the mass-market online job boards and tap into specialty employment sites. These specialized websites, often targeting one particular market, give you the best chance to find a career position that fulfills your goal of landing more lucrative and prestigious employment.

The Online Job Board Crowd

The fact is the best job search websites for you might not be the ones that are the most popular. Too many job hunters visit the most common job search sites, and they’re all quick to send in their resumes when a position opens. This makes your life difficult. Even if you’re a hard, smart worker, it’s difficult to get hiring managers to even glance at your resume when they’re overwhelmed by so many responses to their ads.

Specialized Job Websites

Specialized job sites, though, don’t receive nearly the amount of responses that sites such as Craigslist and Monster.com do. Best of all? Nearly every profession has some specialized website that lists available jobs in their specific fields.

For instance, if you’re an engineer looking for an executive-level position, you can log on to the many job sites offering more technical work. These specialized sites weed out the job seekers that are searching for more general work, leaving less competition for those searching for high-level engineering jobs.

Less Technical Careers

Even for less technical careers – such as journalists, teachers, and accountants – there are job boards offering positions unique to their individual professions. Again, job searchers who hit these specialized websites give themselves the best chance of attracting the attention of executives and hiring managers.

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