If You Keep Asking “Help Me Find a Job,” Are You Looking in the Right Job Field?

February 21, 2012

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Has your career search run into a dead end? Have you been looking for employment for months without even nabbing a job interview? Are you fruitlessly asking everyone you know, “Help me find a job?”

If so, you might be looking in the wrong field.

Help Me Find a Job

High-Demand Careers

The truth is certain professionals are in higher demand than are others. For instance, Career Impact recently surveyed 2,256 information security workers. A whopping 96 percent of these workers said they were employed. Only 80 respondents said that they were not.

Now, the numbers in certain other fields are not nearly as reassuring. Ask anyone job hunting for journalism jobs or those looking for teaching jobs. Open positions are rare, and those that are available attract hundreds of applications.

The Right Career Choice

If you are struggling to find a job today, you might first look at your career choice. There was a time when graduating from college with a degree in political science, photography, or philosophy would still lead job seekers to employment. Those days, though, are gone. Today, employers want to hire workers with real-life skills; workers who have the experience and skills that can help boost the bottom line of their new employers.

Does this mean you have to give up on your passion? Not necessarily. You just might not be able to get paid for it. For instance, you might desperately want to work in theater. This is fine. But you might have to do it for free or for a tiny stipend at the community theater level while you work a day job in the human-resources department of a large accounting firm. Maybe you’ve always wanted to gain employment as a book illustrator. You might have to take on freelance projects with aspiring writers while working full time as a salesperson in a mortgage lending company.

A Tighter Job Market

The nation’s hiring environment is just not as wide open as it once was. Job seekers, then, can only apply to those jobs that are available. And, increasingly, these are engineering, business, and service positions.

Remember, your job does not have to define who you are. You can still be a writer while working as an accountant, or a poet while working as an IT professional. You just have to make that important separation between your work and your other life.

If you need help finding employment today – whether you’re seeking a good job or following your passions – sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career experts can help you take a good, honest look at the world of work today. “Help me find a job!!!” can be a thing of the past.


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