Help Me Get a Job | Keeping a Positive Attitude

February 16, 2012

Job Hunt

Help Me Get a Job and Positive ThinkingIt’s not easy to find a new job today. Even with the nation’s unemployment rate falling, there are still millions of job seekers trying to land new positions. This makes the competition for every open job a fierce one. It’s why you might wake up every morning pleading, “Help me get a job.”

The truth, though, is that maintaining a positive attitude during your job search can boost your chances of landing your dream job in 2012.

It might sound cliché, but hiring managers and company executives want to work with employees who have positive attitudes, who consider problems as challenges, not as obstacles.

The Job Search Blues

If you dread the thought of sending out resumes, practicing interview questions, and networking with community business leaders, your negative attitude will shine through. And you’ll find it awfully difficult to hide this during job interviews or when networking with the people who can help you find a new job.

And if a hiring manager can pick between you with your negative attitude and an equally qualified candidate with a sunnier outlook on the job search? You can bet that company executives will choose the candidate with a brighter disposition every time.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude While Searching for Work

But how do you maintain a positive attitude while unemployed? It’s not easy. But doing so can help you find jobs that you might otherwise miss.

Here’s the secret: View your job search as a path necessary to finding the perfect employment in 2012. A job search will sharpen your interviewing, networking, and social skills. As you persevere, it will teach you about yourself: Are you tough enough to fight through the depression that naturally comes with a challenging job search? If you find out that you are, landing that new job will feel like an even greater accomplishment.

The Positive Job Search

It’s natural to feel down when your job search drags on. But remember, if you are a skilled and smart worker, that right job is out there. You just need to keep looking until you find it. And if you can do this with a smile on your face? Hiring managers will notice.

If you need encouragement and real tips on landing a new job, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job experts can give you the strategies that can cut down on your pleas of “Help me get a job!”

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