Lack a Powerful Network? Learn How to Job Search Today

How to Job Search with SuccessYou’ll inevitably receive the same answer every time you ask someone how to job search: They’ll tell you to rely on your networking skills to find those positions that have not yet been advertised on sites such as Craigslist or

There’s one problem with that job search advice, though. How do you network if you don’t boast a strong network of contacts already?

Building a Business Network

There is hope, though. Even if you don’t have a strong network of past bosses, former co-workers, or local business professionals, you can build one. And doing so won’t take as much time as you might think.

Yahoo! Finance recently wrote a story featuring the steps that job seekers should take to build a strong network; a network that can help them find a job. The first step? Draft a list of companies at which you’d like to work. The Yahoo! story suggests picking no more than five top companies.

Once you’ve done this, determine if you know anyone who currently works at your target companies or has worked at them in the past. You might be surprised to learn that your neighbor once worked at that accounting firm you’ve targeted. This neighbor might be able to provide you with advice on what top officials at the company look for from an employee. If this neighbor left the firm on good terms, she might be willing to provide you with a recommendation letter that you can use to help nab a job interview.

Social Media Job Search

Don’t forget the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites. Once you’ve narrowed down your top companies, do a LinkedIn search to find people who work at each one. Post a message to your friends asking them if they know of anyone who works at these firms. If they do, they might be willing to connect you virtually to employees or managers at the firms at which you’d most like to work.

Yahoo! then recommends that you set up informational meetings with any contacts that you make at these firms. The key here is to remember that these meetings are designed to provide you with information about specific companies. The end goal is not to receive a job offer, but to learn valuable information that will help you both secure a job interview and perform well once you’ve landed one.

No Magic Formula for Job Hunters

All job seekers want to know the secret of how to get a job. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. Networking skills remain the best answer to how to job search. And if you don’t already have a strong network, it’s important to develop one.

If you need help building a strong network of contacts as you learn how to job search correctly, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. You might be surprised at how effective of a networker you can be.


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