Take the Right Job Search Advice to Find Not Just a Job, But a Career

February 27, 2012

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The Sioux City Journal newspaper got it right: It interviewed Iowa residents who said that finding a job wasn’t their problem. Finding a good job, though? That was a more difficult task. And if you find yourself in the same situation – you can find a job but what you really want is a career – you may be taking the wrong job search advice.

Job Search Advice for the Motivated

According to the Sioux City Journal story, there are plenty of jobs available in states such as Iowa. Problem is they are jobs that not a lot of highly skilled or educated job seekers want. The market is glutted with low-paying hospitality and retail jobs that offer limited or no benefits.

Finding a Career

Many of the unemployed, though, want to find a career, not just a job. And that’s where the right job search advice comes in. In the old days, people were told to apply to every job that came up to boost their odds of finding work. That approach, though, doesn’t work for those people who want to conduct a professional job search, one that boosts their chances of landing not just work but a fulfilling, rewarding career.

Here’s the secret to finding a new career: You have to tap all the resources available to you to find the lower-paying jobs that make your newspaper classifieds section or the online job board. You want to find the jobs that are never advertised. These tend to be the higher-paying positions with greater benefits and perks.

Networking Skills Remain the Key

To land these jobs you have to rely on your networking skills. This means contacting former co-workers and bosses and asking them if they know of any positions opening up in your field. It means getting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to announce to your contacts that you are looking for new work. It means asking important business people in your network for letters of recommendation. It even means attending Chamber of Commerce lunches or social club meetings.

In short, it means getting out there and promoting yourself to the people who can either clue you in on job openings or recommend you to the hiring managers and company executives that they know.

Don’t Settle for a Job Instead of a Career 

It’s frustrating to be out of work. But you don’t want to settle for a job when you can instead, by following the right job search advice, find a career.

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  • Luke

    Sometimes the job is the stepping stone to a new career. Never know who you’ll meet or where a job could take you.