Looking to Find Work in 2012? Take On a Job Search Careers Plan

February 24, 2012

Job Hunt

Those looking for work received some good news recently: It appears as if Pres. Obama and Congress are close to a deal that would extend long-term unemployment benefits. And that’s where job search careers come in. According to news reports, unemployed residents of most states would have 63 weeks of unemployment benefits after the new legislation is passed. Of course, if you’re out of work, you’d rather be successful at finding a job before you have to tap into those extra weeks of unemployment benefits.

What’s a job search career? That’s what happens when people who are serious about making a professional job change treat their hunt for new work as a career onto itself.

Unemployment Benefit Extension 2012

Finding a job today is no easy task. Even with the national unemployment now at its lowest point in three years, there are still plenty of people applying for every job that becomes available. The best job search strategy, then, is to treat looking for a new job as a full-time career.

This means waking up early in the morning, getting showered and dressed, and taking every step necessary to get closer to your new job. And this is something that you have to do every day, just as if you were working in an office. Until you are no longer unemployed, finding a job is your new career.

Job Search Tools

Fortunately, there are several tools you can use to cut your job-hunting days short.

First, hit the social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Use these sites to tell your online contacts that you are hunting for a job. You never know when someone on these sites will know of a nearby job opening. Also, ask important business professionals on these sites for recommendation letters. A well-written recommendation letter from a top business pro can set you apart from others competing for the jobs that you want.

You can also use the social media sites to follow the professionals working at those companies that you are targeting for jobs. Remember, the more information you have on a company, the more likely you are to impress hiring managers with your resumes and cover letters and during job interviews.

In-Person Networking Still Works

Next, make sure to set aside some time each day for old-fashioned networking. Make phone calls to former co-workers and bosses. Schedule a lunch meeting with a headhunter in your area. Attend a business-after-hours event that will attract other business professionals. You need to meet as many people as possible to conduct an effective job search.

Take time, too, to hunt the online job boards and newspaper classifieds. These ads usually attract far too many applicants, but you just might find the perfect job for you one morning.

Job Search Careers are Important

The key, of course, is to treat finding a job seriously. No one enjoys hunting for work, but if you treat making a professional job change as a real job, the odds are high that you’ll cut down the number of days that you are out of work.

People who need help formulating job search careers should sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job search experts can help everyone find that perfect new job.

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