Job Search Strategy: U.S. Residents More Positive When it Comes to Economy According to New Survey

February 29, 2012

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According to Time Magazine, you can relax a little about your job search strategies. They recently ran a story that U.S. residents are feeling better about the economy. Maybe this isn’t surprising; after all, the national unemployment rate recently dipped to a three-year low.

job search strategies in a better economy

But what U.S.residents might not understand is that the national economy is still struggling. And even with its recent drop, the unemployment rate is still far too high. This means that it’s still important for job hunters to rely on the most important job search strategies if they want to land their dream job in 2012.

Is Confidence in Economy Misplaced?

According to the Time story, consumer confidence rose dramatically in February, reaching its highest level in a year. This doesn’t mean, though, that people still don’t need help finding a job. In fact, it will take years until the national economy creates enough jobs to replace those lost during the Great Recession. And this means that it is still far from easy to find a career.

Still a Tough Job Market

If you’re looking to find employment, the odds are good that you already know this. You’ve sent off countless resumes to prospective employers, and you’ve rarely even been granted the courtesy of a “No thanks” e-mail. And when you do land a job interview, you’re competing against dozens of equally experienced and capable candidates.

The best way to find a job in today’s market, then, remains networking with past bosses, former co-workers, community business leaders, friends, and family members. These acquaintances might be able to clue you in on a job opening in your field two cities over. They might know of or work with a colleague who is ready to retire, leaving an open position that might be perfect for you. These business professionals might be willing to write you a letter of recommendation that could set you apart from your job-hunting competitors.

No Networking Equals Long Job Search

If you don’t want to network? If advertising your job search to your colleagues and friends is too awkward for you? Then you’re consigning yourself to a long and frustrating job search. Want ads, either online or in print, attract hundreds of resumes today. There are simply too many people looking for the same jobs that you want.

If you want an edge, you need to network. It’s as simple as that. Don’t let the renewed confidence ofU.S.consumers fool you; it’s still one tough job market out there.

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