Know How to Find a Job? Don’t Forget a LinkedIn Job Search

February 20, 2012

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LinkedIn Job Search TipsThe LinkedIn job search can be one of the most powerful tools for job seekers hoping to find employment in 2012. Unfortunately, too many people looking for a job don’t take advantage of the unprecedented reach that LinkedIn provides them.

We all know that the key to finding a job today lies in networking. Those job seekers who know how to effectively network with former co-workers, past bosses, and even their friends and family members stand the best chance of hearing about upcoming job openings before these jobs are posted online or in newspaper “Help Wanted” sections. Job seekers with strong networking skills also have the best odds of nabbing those important recommendation letters that can make all the difference in landing both interviews and jobs.

The LinkedIn Networking Campaign

Networking involves a lot of legwork: Job hunters will have to make several phone calls, send out countless e-mail messages, arrange dozens of lunch meetings, and attend business events and job fairs in their communities. That’s a lot of work, and it can lead people looking for a job to forget an important tool, the LinkedIn job search.

LinkedIn, like all social media sites, gives you the opportunity to instantly communicate with hundreds of online connections. But unlike sites such as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is reserved purely for business use. This means that your network of contacts, if it is a large one, will contact several important business professionals. By letting these pros know that you are on the search for a job, you can dramatically increase your odds of receiving hot job leads.

Connecting to Business Leaders with LinkedIn

Here’s an example: You send out a short message saying that you’re looking for an executive- or management-level position in human resources. One of your LinkedIn connections, a former co-worker, happens to know that the human resources department at her company is just starting the hiring process. This person sends you a quick message passing on this information. Suddenly, you have a hot job lead.

Or maybe one of your contacts remembers meeting you during a long-ago business-after-hours event. He sends you a quick message asking you to send along your resume. This business pro might not be hiring now, but that could change in three weeks.

Maybe you’ll even get lucky; a hiring manager might see your message and tell you to apply at his company, which is hiring immediately for a new human resources manager.

The Value of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for anyone wondering how to get a job. If you’re searching for work and want to learn more about the advantages of a LinkedIn job search, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job experts can provide you with the LinkedIn skills you need to land that dream job in 2012.

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