LinkedIn Job Search Can Help You Crack the Hidden Job Market

February 17, 2012

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As you’ve searched for new work, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the hidden job market. These are the jobs that never make it to the online job boards or newspaper “Help Wanted” ads. They are also usually the best jobs, the ones people conducting executive-level job searches usually desire. Fortunately, you have the ability to crack the hidden job market. And you can start by conducting a LinkedIn job search.

Linked In Job Search

Finding Work with LinkedIn

You probably know what LinkedIn is. You’re probably even a member. But if you’re like many, you don’t use your LinkedIn social media account to its full potential. When you’re looking to make a job change, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool.

This social media site, designed specifically for business use, can connect you instantly to some of the top officials at the businesses at which you most want to work. One of the top job search strategies, then, is to inform your network of LinkedIn contacts that you are looking for new work. Make sure to be specific about what skills you bring and the kind of jobs for which you are looking.

The LinkedIn Job Search

Then, scan your contacts list to find anyone you’re connected to who works at the companies at which you’d most like to find a job. Once you’ve compiled this list, send them a quick message asking them if they’re available for a lunch meeting or a short phone call to discuss the culture at the companies at which they work.

Make it clear that you are not asking these people for a job. You’re simply interested in discussing company culture with them.

By meeting with these workers, you can greatly increase your knowledge of individual companies. And once you do this, you can bring that knowledge to any job interviews you happen to nab. You can even showcase this knowledge when you are applying to specific jobs or sending letters of introduction to hiring managers and executives. Being informed about a company is one way to set yourself apart from the many other individuals hoping to land jobs at these firms, too.

Don’t Ignore LinkedIn

If you need help finding a job, don’t forget to turn to LinkedIn. This site, which far too many job hunters ignore, can gain you the information you need to find those lucrative positions in the hidden job market.

If you need help devising a LinkedIn job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. It’s the easiest way to learn the tricks that can make LinkedIn work for you.

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  • Dodson

    I haven’t had much success finding work with LinkedIn but I need to grow my network more.