Need to Find Employment? Try a Social Media Job Search

February 10, 2012

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Social media sites have gotten a bad rap in the traditional media, which many commentators blaming sites such as Facebook and Twitter for leading to a decline in civility across the country. But a new survey by Pew Internet disputes this view. And this survey might change the way even old-school job hunters feel about conducting a social media job search.

According to the study, 85 percent of adults using social media report that most people on social media sites are mostly kind. Only 5 percent of survey respondents said that people on these sites are mostly unkind.

Social Media Job Search for Networking

Don’t Ignore Social Media

This is yet more evidence that social media sites have actually benefitted society by bringing people closer together. And it’s impossible to argue that social media sites haven’t made looking for a job an easier task.

If you are trying to find employment, you can’t afford to ignore Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media sites. These sites allow you to instantly communicate with your online contacts, telling them, for instance, that you are searching for a job.

And, if the results of the Pew Internet survey are to be believed, the majority of people you contact through these sites will be happy to help you in your efforts to find employment.

The Social Media Job Search

How can social media sites help you land your next job? You can connect to former co-workers and bosses, telling them that you are searching for new work. Some of these contacts might have solid job leads for you. Maybe one former co-worker knows of a middle manager in his company that is retiring. Maybe another contact has a client whose employer is ready to expand her department.

These leads can give job seekers an advantage over their competitors. They certainly are more likely to bring new job opportunities than are classified ads or online job listings.

A social media job search also involves simply telling online friends and relatives that you are looking for a new job. You never know when an online contact will know of a job opening that’s escaped your attention.

Social Media and Letters of Recommendation

You can even use social media sites to solicit letters of recommendation. These letters can prove invaluable in your efforts to set yourself apart from the other qualified candidates applying for the positions that you want to nab.

So take heart from the Pew study’s results. People are nice in the world of social media. There’s no reason, then, to not rely on social media in your efforts to find employment.

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