The Best Jobs Today? It Includes Social Media Job Search

You want to conduct the best job search possible. You want to give yourself every advantage in finding work. After all, today’s job hunting market is a challenging one, with countless qualified candidates searching for the same jobs that you desire. The solution to this challenge? It’s time to conduct a social media job search.

Social media job search officially

The odds are good that you use Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with your friends and family members. But do you use these social media sites, along with the more business-focused LinkedIn, in your efforts of finding a job? If not, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

The Social Media Advantage

Just consider the power of sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In an instant, you can communicate with all of your online contacts. Just by posting a simple message about your hopes to find a new job, you might dig up dozens of solid job leads.

It works like this: You post a message saying that you are looking for new employment. Your friend from high school – whom you maybe haven’t spoken with in three years – sends you a quick message in return. She knows of a client whose boss is looking to add a full-time accountant to the staff. Or maybe your brother-in-law knows of a partner at his firm who is retiring. Someone needs to fill in that soon-to-be open position. Maybe that person is you.

Build an Online Job-Search Database

You can also use social media sites to build a contact list of business executives at the companies at which you want to work. Search LinkedIn for these companies; you might find that vice presidents, high-ranking managers, and human-resource professionals at these firms already have profiles at your favorite social media sites. You might be able to develop an online relationship with these pros; relationships that could eventually land you that coveted job interview.

If you’re new to social media sites, don’t worry. Learning how to use them is a simple task. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are designed to be intuitive. With just a bit of practice, you’ll be a social media expert. You’ll also be conducting the best job search possible, one that combined traditional in-person networking with social media networking efforts.

Increase Your Job Search Odds

Job hunting today isn’t much fun, not with the national unemployment rate still higher than 8 percent. But if you want to increase your odds of landing that prime job, make sure to include a social media component in your job search efforts.

For strategies on how to best conduct a social media job search, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. You might be surprised at how quickly you can become a social media pro.




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