Where to Search for Jobs? Try a Job Fair

February 3, 2012

Interviewing, Job Hunt

Job Fairs and Where to Get a JobAre you still struggling to find a new job? Do you think you’ve exhausted all of your options for finding new work? If you have no idea of where to search for jobs, it might be time to investigate a job fair.

Job fairs gather several employers together in one location, most often employers in one particular field such as teaching, accounting, engineering, or others. Many of these employers might be hiring immediately while others might be gathering resumes for future job openings. But these job fairs provide job seekers with one more opportunity to find new positions.


Thriving at the Job Fair

Succeeding at a job fair, though, does require some preparation on the part of job hunters. After all, some job fairs attract hundreds of attendees. Job seekers must rely on all their interview tips and strategies to set themselves apart from their many competitors.

First, before you attend a job fair, research the employers who will be on site. You won’t be able to interview with all of them, so find the employers who most interest you and then research these companies. You want to show hiring managers that you’ve done your homework; that you’ve chosen to interview with them because the work they do interests you. Hiring managers can quickly tell those applicants who have done their research and those who haven’t.

The Interview Process

Next, prepare as if you were attending a traditional one-on-one interview. Essentially, that’s what happens at a job fair. You’ll be interviewed, hopefully, several times by several different companies. Be prepared to tell each company what benefits they’d receive by hiring you. If you do this, you’ll be one of the few candidates that hiring managers remember.

Brush up on your networking skills, too. You might make important contacts at a job fair outside of the one-on-one interviews. Maybe you’ll find a hiring manager walking the floor who just happens to have an open position at his company. Maybe you’ll chat with a vice president who isn’t hiring at her company but who knows of another firm that’d be perfect for you and your skills.

Professional Attire Matters

Finally, dress appropriately. Wear what you’d wear to a formal job interview. You don’t want hiring managers remembering you because you were the only attendee wearing jeans and gym shoes.

With so many people still unemployed in the United States, countless job hunters are desperately seeking job search advice. Our advice? Don’t forget job fairs. Yes, they can be stressful. And, yes, you’ll spend plenty of time waiting in line for interviews. But attending a job fair can also be the step that leads you back to full-time employment.

If you need help deciding on where to search for jobs, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job search experts will tell you how to find the best employment opportunities.

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