Where to Search for Jobs? Everywhere

February 2, 2012

Job Hunt

The nation’s unemployment rate has been dipping, but still remains higher than 8 percent. And much of the drop in the jobless rate is due to people dropping out of the career and job search game. If you’re still unemployed, then you’re still competing with many other qualified candidates every time you apply for a new position. This leads to the big question: Where to search for jobs in today’s economy.

where to find a job


The Short Answer? Everywhere

The longer answer? You need to rely on every tool at your disposal if you expect to find new work in today’s still-struggling economy. This means turning to social media sites such as LinkedIn, brushing up on your networking skills, haunting the online job boards, and attending job fairs. In today’s economy, you never know where your next job lead will come from.

Start with networking. This is often the least understood part of a professional job change. Your network of family members, friends, former co-workers, and past bosses holds your best chance of finding new work. Maybe your next-door neighbor knows of an accounting firm that is looking for a new full-time CPA? Maybe a former co-worker has learned of a job opening at her company for which you’d be perfect. Maybe a past boss would be happy to write you a letter of recommendation for that big job at the IT company two towns over.

It’s only by reaching out to your social sphere and letting its members know that you are seeking employment that you’ll find your best, and hottest, job leads.

The Power of Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are important tools to help you find employment, too. You can instantly tell your online connections that you are seeking new work. You can also use these sites to communicate directly with hiring managers, former bosses and past clients in your connections lists. You can even search the jobs board of LinkedIn to find jobs that might be perfect for you.

Online job boards are another avenue for finding open positions. There’s a challenge here, though as these job board ads often attract hundreds of applicants. This means that your resume and cover letter must be perfect to give you a chance to even land an interview. The odds may be long, but don’t give up on the job boards. You might just find the perfect position on one of these sites.

Finding Work at a Job Fair

Job fairs come with plenty of negatives. You have to stand in long lines to gain access to hiring managers. They take up most of the day. And, again, you are competing with dozens of qualified candidates for every open position. But job fairs also give you the opportunity to meet with several hiring managers or company VPs in a single day. That’s an opportunity that you simply can’t pass up.

The Job Search Challenge

No one said that finding a job today, despite the improving employment numbers, is an easy task. But by finding the broadest answer to the “where to search for jobs” question, you’ll give yourself the best chance of landing a new job in 2012.

If you need job search advice, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job counselors will tell you exactly where to search for jobs and how to prepare when you do land those coveted interviews.





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