Keep it Professional When Performing a Social Media Job Search

You know that conducting a social media job search can increase your chances to land a job in today’s challenging economy. After all, through such sites as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you can instantly tell your online contacts that you are looking for a job.

And this can prove helpful. One of your contacts might know of a colleague who is retiring, leaving an open spot that might be right for you. Another of your contacts might know of a company that is expanding; that company might be looking for employees with your background and skills set.

Social Media Job Search

But if you are conducting a LinkedIn job search, or using any other social media site to help land a job, make sure to remember one tip: Be professional.

What do you want potential employers to find when they check out your Facebook or Twitter posts? You’d prefer that they not read that comment of yours bragging about how much beer you downed three weeks ago or that Tweet criticizing Pres. Obama. You want to conduct a professional job search; you don’t want unprofessional posts on social media sites to derail that search.

Social Media Job Search and Professionalism

Don’t Offend with Social Media

The best job search advice? Don’t post anything on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn that you wouldn’t want a boss to read. Remember; when you’re searching for a new job, there are plenty of potential bosses out there who won’t hesitate to perform some online research. If they find lewd, offensive, or foul Twitter or Facebook posts connected to you, you can bet that they’ll think twice about granting you an interview.

If your social media accounts are filled with objectionable posts, it’s time to do some housecleaning. Delete those posts that you don’t want potential bosses to read and control yourself in the future. You don’t want your social media accounts to reflect poorly on you.

High-Tech Networking

Think of social media sites as a high-tech use of your networking skills. Your goal with Twitter, LinkedIn, and the rest is to connect with the people who can help you find your next job. You can’t do this if you’re too busy offending them.

If you need help running a social media job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We can give you the tips you need to turn LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter into indispensable job-hunting tools.

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