The Best Job Search Advice? Don’t Let Negative Media Reports Discourage You

March 16, 2012

Job Hunt

It’s easy to get discouraged when searching for a job. But our best job search advice? Don’t let the negative media reports on your local jobs market discourage you in your efforts to find new employment in 2012.

For instance, it’s long been held that the national unemployment’s rate drop to a three-year low earlier this year has largely been fueled by job seekers giving up and dropping out of the jobs market. It would stand to reason, then, that once these job hunters return to the market, the unemployment rate will, once again, rise.

However, this might not be true.

The Unemployment Myth

An economist at Barclays Capital recently released a report, called “Dispelling an Urban Legend,” that disputes this view. In his report, the economist writes that the size of today’s workforce is shrinking as aging Baby Boomers hit retirement age. This, the economist writes, is what is actually causing the unemployment rate to fall.

The good news for those looking for jobs? These aging Baby Boomers won’t be returning to the workforce, meaning that the drop in the nation’s unemployment rate is likely more permanent than the naysayers believe.

How Bad is the Job Market?

It’s important, then, to realize that negative media accounts aren’t always accurate. The worst thing that you can do while searching for a job is to allow gloomy news reports to convince you to give up. Yes, the jobs market today is a difficult one. But if you brush up on your networking skills, conduct a social media job search, and search for LinkedIn jobs – in other words, if you take all of the steps necessary to gain an advantage – you will find your job this year.

The Positive Job Search

It’s easy to get discouraged when the job search doesn’t appear to be netting any results. And the bad news that we read each day in the newspapers and online doesn’t help boost anyone’s confidence. But don’t give up. If you conduct a professional job search, your odds of landing new employment will rise dramatically.

If you need job search advice on how to best land a job in 2012, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our job search experts can give you the strategies you need to succeed this year.

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