What Online Sites Can Help Me Find a Job?

March 14, 2012

Job Hunt, Networking

You scour the Internet every day to find new job openings. By now, though, you’re frustrated. Your efforts to find a job through any online employment website aren’t paying off. You’re still out of work. And you’re now wondering, “What online sites can help me find a job?”

The answer? All of them can. But the odds aren’t great.

The unfortunate truth is that once an open position hits an online job board, your odds of landing it shrink. It’s a matter of math: Every online job open to the public attracts dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes from qualified candidates. Even if you’re perfect for the job, your chance of standing out among all these competitors simply isn’t great.

So whether you’re searching Monster.com, Craigslist, CareerBuilder or The Ladders, the odds are against you landing a job from an online job board.

Change Your Job Search Strategy

networking to help me find a jobDon’t let this news depress you. Instead, let it change the way you go about job searching.

The best way to land a new job in today’s economy is not through the online employment sites. It’s through networking. By connecting with the right people, you can learn about a job before it hits the online job boards. These jobs in the hidden job market will, of course, attract far fewer resumes. This increases your chances of landing a position.

Networking, for all the trepidation that this word causes, is actually a fairly simple task; it’s all about letting the right people know that you are in the job market.

Why Networking Works

For instance, you might chat with your closest former co-workers. You let them know that you are looking for a new job. One of these co-workers might know of a position opening at her company in three weeks. Another might know of a competitor that is planning to expand in the next month. You’ve now nabbed two hot leads. Your next move? Contact the hiring managers at these companies, submit a resume, and hope that you can land an interview – and possibly a new position – before the jobs hit the online job boards.

You can also use social media, sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to network. Send a message to the business associates to which you are connected saying that you are in the job market. You might be surprised at the strong leads that come flowing back to you.

Help Me Find a Job!

You’re not alone in wanting to scream “Help me find a job!” It’s a frustrating hiring environment. But by boosting your networking skills – and using the online job boards as a supplement to your job searching – you will dramatically increase your chances of landing a new job this year.

If you need help formulating a networking strategy, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career counselors can help you refine those sagging networking skills.

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