Help Me Find a Job? Take a Closer Look at Your Cover Letter

March 9, 2012

Personal Branding, Résumé

Do you start every conversation with friends, family members, and former co-workers with the same statement: “Help me find a job?” Do you send out resumes every day, only to never hear back? Do you rush to the online job boards every time you walk past your computer?

If so, then you need to refine your job hunting strategy. And it might start with a reworked cover letter.

Your cover letter is just as important as is your resume. Unfortunately, too many job seekers ignore this letter. They spend hours fine-tuning their resumes, but minutes dashing off a poorly written cover letter.

The truth is, though, a bad cover letter can stop your efforts to find a job in their tracks. Hiring managers won’t even look at your resume if your cover letter is unprofessional.

help me find a job cover letter

Submit a Mistake-Free Cover Letter

Here’s the first rule for submitting a professional cover letter: proofread. Make sure that your cover letter is free of errors or typos. Hiring managers will notice even the smallest mistakes. And because they receive dozens of applications for every job they post, these managers will quickly toss out resumes accompanied by mistake-dotted cover letters.

The Right Cover Letter

Next, make sure that your cover letter tells hiring managers why you are the right person for their job. Your cover letter should summarize, briefly, your career experience. It should also explain – again, briefly – the positive attributes and talents that you can bring to a company. A generic cover letter that simply states the obvious – you are applying for a job and have attached a resume – will do little to set you apart from the dozens of applicants for any job.

Finally, don’t submit a cover letter that is longer than one page. Hiring managers today don’t have time to pore over a letter that rambles on. They are busy people, doing more work than ever to make up for company-wide job cuts. You don’t want a hiring manager to ignore your resume simply because the manager is too overwhelmed to read your entire cover letter.

The Challenges of Finding a Job

Finding a career is no easy task today, even with the national unemployment rate at a three-year low. You need to give yourself every advantage possible, and that starts with writing a professional cover letter.

If you need help making a positive impression on companies, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career pros can give you the tips you need to succeed in today’s challenging hiring market. Never ask, “Help me find a job,” again because your look will be over with a few simple tips that you can help yourself to.

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