Searching for Work? Learn how to Job Search Online

March 22, 2012

Job Hunt, Online Networking

How to Job Search OnlineYou probably think you know how to job search online for new jobs. But if you’re limiting your search to the big job boards – the, Careerbuilder, and Ladders of the world – you’re dramatically lowering your chance of finding new work in 2012.

The simple truth is that the biggest online job boards aren’t always the best job search websites for you. Depending on your field, you’ll boost your chances of finding work by searching for a job at more specialized industry-centric job sites.

Finding the Best Online Job Boards

For instance, if you want to find a job in journalism, you can search the online job board If you are looking for employment as an engineer, visit And if you want to work as an attorney, try

And that’s just the beginning of your specialized online job search. Check out the trade associations serving your field. Many of them list jobs available to professionals in the fields that they cover. The online home of industry trade magazines, too, often boast their “help wanted” sections that list job openings in the businesses that they cover.

Narrow Your Online Job Hunt

The key point here: By narrowing your online job search down to your specific field, you significantly boost your chances of landing a job interview. And this can make looking for employment a less stressful task.

At the more general and better known online job boards, each job opening inspires hundreds – sometimes thousands – of applicants to send in their resumes. This can overwhelm hiring managers. Even worse, it lowers your chance to even receive an invite for a job interview. After all, many of the applications that hiring managers receive will come from candidates who are as skilled and experienced as you are. Sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw that prevents you from getting that invitation for an interview.

Look Beyond the Most Popular Online Job Sites

Finding a job today remains a challenging task, even with the help of online job boards and social media sites. Look beyond the obvious, look deeper than Craigslist and Monster, to boost your chances of earning the notice of hiring managers.

For more help on the basics of how to job search online, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. We can help you master the art of online job hunting.

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