Job Search Strategies Still Important as Unemployment Likely to Remain High

March 1, 2012

Job Hunt, Networking

How important it is to rely on the right job search strategies today? Job seekers hoping for some good news from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke were disappointed in late February when the economic guru told legislators that the unemployment would likely remain high in theUnited Statesfor the next several years.

Job Search Strategies and Expert Advice

That’s probably not something job hunters want to hear, but keep reading to find a strategy that will work for you.

Job Search Strategies are Key

If the unemployment rate is likely to remain high for years, as Bernanke says, this means that it is more important than ever for job hunters to follow the best job search advice available. Today, those seeking to leave the ranks of the unemployed must rely on every job search trick possible.

This starts with networking. The best way to conduct a professional job search is to network with business acquaintances, friends, family members, former bosses, and past co-workers who might know of job openings in your field or might be able to recommend you to hiring managers.

Cracking the Hidden Job Market

It is far easier to land a job when you receive a recommendation from a trusted colleague or are clued in to an opening that hasn’t yet reached the online job boards or newspaper classified sections.

Secondly, it’s important for job seekers today to use social media to gain interviews and discover hidden job opportunities. Sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook allow job hunters to instantly communicate with hundreds of followers. Asking these followers for job tips can uncover employment opportunities that haven’t yet hit the job boards, either. In fact, smart job seekers consider social media sites as an extension of their networking efforts.

Job Boards Have Their Place

Finally, job seekers should not disregard the online job boards or classified sections entirely. Yes, the competition for these jobs is often intense. And yes, it is easy for job seekers’ resumes to get lost in the pile. But every so often a job comes up that is perfect for an individual job seeker. It’d be a shame for this person to miss out on the opportunity because he or she had given up on the job boards.

As Bernanke says, getting a job in theUnited Stateswill remain a challenging task for the next several years. If you need help finding a job, consider signing up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. our career counselors can help you develop the job search strategies you need to land that ideal job.



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