Knowing Where to Search for Jobs Important Even as Jobless Claims Fall

Job seekers received some good news in early March as the Labor Department reported that jobless claims fell to their lowest levels in four years. That doesn’t mean, though, that it’s not as important as ever for job seekers to know where to search for jobs.

According to the Labor Department, new claims for unemployment benefits fell in late February by 2,000. This is near a four-year low, and suggests that the country’s labor market may be gaining momentum.

Job Seeking Still a Challenge

Unfortunately, it’s still no easy task to find a new job today. The job market remains an incredibly challenging one. This means that job seekers need to conduct a professional job search that uses all of the tools available for landing new work. Those who don’t do this? They will find it nearly impossible to find a job in 2012.

The best way for the unemployed to land new work comes through the old-fashioned skill of networking. It’s not natural for many people to seek out former co-workers, past bosses, favored college professors and local business professionals to chat up about their job search. But by doing this, job seekers greatly improve their chances of landing a new job in 2012.

Where to Search for Jobs

The Science of Business Networking

There’s a science behind networking: The more people with whom job seekers connect, the more likely they are to talk with someone who knows of a job opening that they might have missed. They’re more likely, too, to connect with someone who knows of upcoming openings at their firm. They might even run into someone who is looking to hire people right now.

By learning of job openings before they hit the online job boards or newspaper “Help Wanted” sections, job seekers give themselves an edge. After all, once job notices become available to the general public, the hiring managers behind them are swamped with resumes. It’s not easy at this point for even qualified individuals to gain an interview. The odds are simply against them.

Networking through Social Media

The good news is that networking is easier than ever thanks to social media. Job seekers can send personal messages to their business contacts instantly through Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn. They can instantly tell important contacts that they are looking for work and blast their qualifications and resumes to the business leaders that they count among their contacts.

Knowing where to search for jobs starts with networking, whether job seekers like it or not. The unemployed can dramatically cut down the length of their job search by brushing up on their networking skills.

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