Future Economic Troubles Point to Importance of Knowing Where to Search for Jobs

March 2, 2012

Job Hunt, Online Networking

What does the future of the economy mean for job hunters? That it’s more important than ever for them to know where to search for jobs.

So Where to search for jobs now/

If a falling unemployment rate has bouyed your hopes for an economic recovery, Business Insider recently ran a story that might do the opposite. In it, the economic news site reported on trends suggesting that consumers will not be able to keep spending at their current rate thanks to declining savings and wages.

Consumer Spending to Fall?

According to the Business Insider story, the real wages earned by consumers have fallen by about 2 percent since the latter portion of 2010. Thanks to high unemployment rates and the rising cost of gasoline, a growing number of consumers have had to dip into their savings to pay their bills. It’s likely, then, that the country will see consumers pulling back on their spending as this trend intensifies.

This is bad news for businesses. They, after all, rely on consumers to keep spending. If consumers don’t, businesses won’t sell as many of their products or services.

Professional Job Search

It’s important for those conducting a professional job search, then, to do everything they can today – before consumers pull back on their spending – to land a new job. And this requires knowing exactly where to search for jobs.

The first key is for consumers to brush up on their networking skills. Consumers need to tap the resources offered by their former co-workers and bosses. They need to tell their friends and family members that they are actively looking for work. They need to attend chamber of commerce lunches and business after-hours events. They should look into job fairs. In short, they should do everything possible to let as many influential people know that they are looking for work. This is the best way for job seekers to find those positions that never make the online job boards or newspaper classified sections.

Social Media Job Search

Job seekers should also rely on technology to advance their job search. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow job hunters to quickly connect with hundreds of online contacts. Some of these contacts might work at a company that is actively hiring. Others might know a colleague who is retiring, leaving an open position. Others might be willing to personally vouch for job seekers, something that could set them apart in the eyes of hiring managers.

The economic news has been strong of late, with unemployment falling to a three-year low. However, the United States still has a long way to go before its economy is fully recovered. And as the dip in wages and savings of the average consumer shows, the economy might dip again before it finally enters a stronger recovery.

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