Use Jobs Board Properly to Boost Your Career Search

Today’s job market remains a challenging one, with millions of U.S. residents still actively searching for new jobs. But you have a tool at your disposal that job hunters didn’t have just five years ago: jobs.

Through this social media site, you can discover potentially lucrative jobs; jobs that have been pre-selected to fit with your talents and abilities. The key lies in knowing how LinkedIn’s job features work and how you can best use them. jobs information

After becoming a member of LinkedIn, you’ll have the opportunity to create a professional profile. This profile is critical when job hunting through LinkedIn. Make sure, then, to fill it out as accurately as possible.

Sharing Your Experience with LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile will contain your current position and talents. It also contains your past positions and your educational background. Think of it as a digital version of your resume, and put the same care into crafting it as you would a traditional print resume.

This means frequently updating your LinkedIn profile. Maybe you’ve just completed a freelance consulting project – make sure to log onto LinkedIn and update your profile. Maybe you’ve furthered your education by taking a night course to gain a new certification – update your LinkedIn profile to include this information, too.

Maintain a Current LinkedIn Profile

The fact is, the more current your LinkedIn profile is, the more effective your online job search will be. According to LinkedIn’s own statistics, its members who have taken the time to submit up-to-date profiles receive 10 times as many possible job opportunities as does the average LinkedIn member.

LinkedIn also allows you to search your field for jobs. In this way, the site functions much like an online job board. You’ll have to take the same care when applying for jobs through the site as you would if you were answering job ads at or your local newspaper’s classified section. Make sure you apply only for those positions for which you are qualified. If you apply to those outside your own expertise, you run the risk of ruining your LinkedIn reputation.

Following Companies

Finally, don’t forget to follow those companies that most interest you through LinkedIn. If you choose to follow a company, you’ll receive messages and updates from any officials with the firm who are connected to LinkedIn. It’s a great way to learn of job opportunities at specific companies before they reach the online job boards.

You can speed your career search by hunting for jobs. But you must use the site the right way. If you need advice on using any social media site, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our skilled staffers can instruct you on how to use the best job search websites to boost your employment opportunities.


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