Jobs Can Give You the Advantage – Start Following Companies There Now

March 8, 2012

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In today’s tough job market, you need to take advantage of every opportunity that you can to find a new job. Doing so can increase your odds of landing jobs and ending your job searching days. Jobs Advice

To cut down on the length of your job search, consider following companies on the social media site LinkedIn. After all, even with the nation’s unemployment rate down to a three-year low, there are still plenty of qualified individuals competing for every job opening in your field.

When you sign up for LinkedIn – a social media site that focuses on business – you’ll have the opportunity to follow specific companies. What this means is simple, but powerful: Whenever a LinkedIn member who happens to work at these companies posts a message, you’ll see it.

The LinkedIn Advantage

This can give you a big advantage in your job search. First, you’ll learn a bit about the culture at these companies. Some LinkedIn members can be brutally honest. If you’re seeing a steady stream of complaints or frustrations linked to a certain company, you might want to take that company off your best-places-to-work list. On the other hand, you might see an equally steady stream of positive messages regarding other companies. That might inspire you to focus even more intently on landing a new job at one of these firms.

Following companies on LinkedIn can also give you an idea of when jobs might be opening up. Maybe a hiring official at one of the companies you’re following will make an announcement that she is looking to fill positions. Maybe instead, an executive will announce through LinkedIn that he is leaving his post. This could provide you with an opportunity to quickly send in your resume.

Developing Relationships with Key Professionals

You can also develop relationships with managers and executives at specific companies through following them at LinkedIn. Often, these officials will comment about current events, workplace trends, or other issues. You can join in on the conversations. Eventually, these LinkedIn members will come to know you. When it’s time to apply for a job, then, your name recognition might help you land a key interview.

Job searching is no fun. But if you rely on sites such as to speed up your job search, you can at least eliminate some of the stress that comes with hunting for a new job.

Using LinkedIn to Its Fullest

If you’re not a member of LinkedIn yet, sign up today. And once you’ve finished creating your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to start following those companies that most interest you.

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