Find Key Career Search Tips with a LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search for SuccessYou know that the social media site LinkedIn provides you with a great way to instantly tell hundreds of business professionals that you are trying to find a new job. That’s a tremendously powerful tool, and an easy way to network. But are you running a LinkedIn job search that takes full advantage of this site’s power?

Probably not. And that’s a shame, because the business professionals who regularly chat on LinkedIn can provide you with the information you need to shorten your job search.

A Competitive Job Market

Remember, you’re not the only person in the job market today. Far from it. In fact, several of the business professionals in your LinkedIn contacts list have probably either landed a new job recently or is out conducting their own job search. These people can tell you the steps you can take to find jobs today.

For instance, a former co-worker who has moved on to a new position might be willing to quickly share her suggestions for performing well during a job interview. Another LinkedIn contact who’s found new work might let you see a copy of his resume. You can study this copy to determine if your own resume has any holes.

Rely on Your LinkedIn Contacts

Other LinkedIn contacts can tell you what online job boards they used to gain the best hiring leads, or what networking skills they tapped to find positions in the hidden job market.

You can also use your LinkedIn contacts to gain an advantage over the many other applicants applying for the same jobs that interest you. You can ask a former supervisor, for instance, to write you a letter of recommendation. Maybe one of your past bosses is a friend of a hiring manager at a firm at which you want to work. This past boss – if your relationship with her was a solid one – might be willing to call this hiring manager and personally vouch for you. Such recommendations can give hiring managers a positive reason to remember you.

Use LinkedIn to Its Fullest

It’s easy in today’s challenging hiring market to become overwhelmed. There are so many balls for you to juggle – you have to brush up on your interview skills, attend business networking events, tap into social media, haunt the online job websites – that it can be easy to forget the real power of a LinkedIn job search.

If you need help mastering LinkedIn, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp and begin your new job search journey.

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