Interview Skills Still Key If You Need Help Finding a Job

March 27, 2012

Interviewing, Networking, Résumé

You’ve done everything right. You networked with past co-workers and former bosses to find openings in the hidden job market. You crafted a resume that listed not just your career stops, but your career achievements. And you managed to land that interview with your dream employer.

But even if you’ve reached this point, you may still need help finding a job. You might, after all, need to brush up on your job interview skills.

Need Help finding a job tips

Employers today have a huge advantage: Every time they post help-wanted ads on online job boards or in newspaper classified sections they receive hundreds of resumes from qualified job applicants. This means that they can be choosy when filling these positions.

If you want to find a career that’s best for you, then you need to stand out during the job interview. You need to make sure that company officials remember you for all the right reasons once their round of job interviews is done.

What Can You Bring to the Job?

Doing this requires you to focus on one thing during your job interview: the reasons why you can help a particular company grow its business.

Hiring managers today want to add the most talented people to their staffs. They want employees who do more than just perform their jobs well. They want workers who can help their companies boost their bottom lines, improve their image, and grow their personnel. Your job is to convince hiring managers that you can do all of these things. Today, this is how to find a job that pays well and is rewarding.

Why Should Companies Hire You?

This requires you to go over your past career. Try to remember those times in which you either saved your previous employers money or helped them add to their yearly profits. Did you institute a new recycling program that helped your past company save thousands of dollars each year? Did you find a new printer to print your firm’s marketing materials, shaving thousands of dollars from the cost of publishing these promotional materials? Maybe you developed a new customer contact program that pushed sales figures up 15 percent at your firm.

Whatever you’ve done in the past to help your previous employers, make sure to highlight it during the job interview. These are the anecdotes that will most impress hiring managers. They are also the stories that might end your calls of “Help me get a job!”

Highlight Your Career Achievements

Yes, it’s still important to have answers at the ready for the old interview standbys – What are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest weaknesses? Why do you want to work here? But don’t forget to share your greatest successes with company officials. These achievements will help you find a new job in 2012.

If you need suggestions on how to best prepare for a job interview, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp. Our career counselors can help you if you need help finding a job.

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