Need Help Finding a Job? Don’t Forget to Polish That Resume

March 7, 2012

Interviewing, Résumé

Do you need helping finding a job? Has your job search lingered for months without you nabbing so much as a single interview? If you have the right qualifications for the jobs to which you are applying, the problem might lie in your resume.

The fact is when companies post job listings, either online or in print, they are often overwhelmed with the number of resumes they receive. If your resume doesn’t stand out, your chances of a successful professional job change are limited.

Facing Tough Odds to Land an Interview

How do you make sure that your resume ends up in the “to interview” instead of the “to recycle” category? You have to make sure that it tells company executives and hiring managers exactly how you would help their businesses succeed.

Company executives are in a position of power today. They can choose from among the most talented of applicants to fill their open positions. This makes conducting a professional job search a bigger challenge than ever.

Boost Your Resume

You can boost your odds of landing an interview, though, by including the right information on your resume. It’s not enough to tell hiring managers that you worked at XYZ company for eight years and ABC firm for the four years before that. Hiring managers today want to know how you helped these companies either make or save money.

This means that if you drafted a marketing campaign that boosted sales at your previous company by 15 percent, you need to mention this specifically in your resume. If you helped streamline the hiring process at your last company, saving important officials there both time and money, list this on your resume.

And if you proposed a new service or product that added to your previous employer’s bottom line? You better include that piece of information on your resume.

Highlight Your Career Achievements, Not Just Your Career

In short, you want your resume to highlight the reasons why firms would be foolish to not consider adding you to their staffs. If you don’t do this, if you attempt to land a new job with a traditional resume that lists your career stops and not your career achievements, you’ll continue to need help finding a job.

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