A Social Media Job Search Can Give You an Edge During Interviews

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchLooking for a job? You’re far from alone. But if you want an advantage over the millions of other job seekers looking for work today, it’s time to tap the power of a social media job search.

You probably know that social media sites such as LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, and Facebook give you the opportunity to instantly share your job-hunting status with hundreds of your online business and personal contacts.

The Social Media Job Search

But did you know that you can use social media sites to shine during those job interviews that you do land?

It’s simple: When you’re on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, be sure to subscribe to those companies at which you are interested in working. This way, you can pick up on any news released by these companies – news that you can use when preparing for job interviews with these firms.

Mastering the Job Interview

By knowing the latest information about particular companies, you’ll appear to be better informed than many of your competitors. This can help set you apart during a job interview in which managers are interviewing dozens of qualified candidates. Arriving to a job interview armed with company information makes it appear that you truly care about working at a particular employer.

You can also use LinkedIn and Facebook to follow individual employees of the companies at which you want to work. This can pay off, too. An employee might mention that his boss is leaving. Another employee might post that she is excited about her company’s new product line or office expansion – news that might signify a growing company that might be interested in expanding its roster of employees.

Navigating a Challenging Job Market

In today’s challenging jobs market, you need every advantage you can to find a job. Today, that means using social media sites to their greatest potential.

If you need advice on how to find a job or on how to best use social media sites, consider signing up for our Get Hired Fast Bootcamp. We can provide you with the strategies you need to get back to work fast.

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