Don’t Ask Others, “Help me get a job.” Take the Initiative

Get Hired Fast - help me find a jobUnemployed? Frustrated? Are you asking everyone you meet, “Help me get a job?” If so, don’t expect to join the ranks of the employed any time soon. The truth is if you want to find a job in today’s tough hiring market, you must take the initiative. You can’t let the bad economic news depress or frustrate you. And you can’t hope for others to lead you to that perfect job.

Fortunately, you have plenty of tools to tap to help you in your job search.

Shortening that Job Search

First, you’ll need to brush up on your networking skills. There is simply no better way to find a job today than to network with former co-workers, past bosses, former college professors, friends, neighbors, and family members. Let these people know that you are looking for work. Give them your resume to pass along to their acquaintances.

Why Networking Matters

You never know when someone in your network of friends, family members, and business connections might know of a company that is hiring, a manager who is retiring, or a start-up that is being launched. This inside information can give you an edge in your efforts to find a job. After all, if you know that a company is losing three managers, you can send in your resume before these positions are announced to the general public.

The people in your network might also be able to provide you written letters of recommendation. If you’re truly fortunate, someone in your network might be willing to personally recommend you to a hiring manager. This will certainly provide you with an edge over your competitors.

Social Media Job Search

Job seekers today also have such social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to help them in their job searches. By conducting a social media job search, today’s career seekers can instantly inform hundreds of contacts that they are in the job market. Again, the odds are high that some of these online contacts can provide job hunters with a good lead on a new position.

Asking other people to help you land a new job is a fine job search strategy as long as it’s not the only step you take to land new employment. You’ll find that people are willing to help you in your job search efforts as long as you also show your own initiative.

If you need help navigating today’s challenging hiring market, be sure to sign up for our Get hired Bootcamp. Our career professionals can give you the tools you need to thrive even in a difficult jobs environment.

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