Don’t Know how to Job Search? Ask Those Who’ve Succeeded

It’s not difficult to find neighbors, family members, and former co-workers who, like you, are out of work and struggling to find a new job. After all, the national unemployment rate is still far too high. What is more unusual, though, is to find someone who actually knows how to job search properly; someone who’s landed that top position thanks to making all the right moves while unemployed.

Learning from the SuccessfulGet Hired Fast – how to job search

If you’ve been struggling to find a new job, it’s time to schedule an interview with someone who’s recently succeeded in today’s challenging job market. Find out from this person what steps he or she took to find new work.

The odds are good that this person didn’t land a new job from one of the many employment sites dotting the Web. The odds are equally high that this job seeker didn’t find new unemployment by scouring the newspaper “Help Wanted” ads each day, either.

No, this person probably relied on networking in his or her search for a job.

The Networking Edge

Networking remains the single best way to find a new job today. Successful job seekers aren’t shy about connecting with former co-workers and bosses to let them know that they’re looking for new work. They don’t hesitate to tell family members and friends that they’re unemployed. And they’re masters of using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to alert high numbers of business acquaintances that they are in the job market.

What does all this networking accomplish? Often, a former co-worker will know of a rival company that is expanding and in need of new workers. A past boss might be willing to write a letter of recommendation that can make a big difference in a job interview. A family member might know of a neighbor who is starting her own tech business, one that might need someone like you on its staff.

Uncovering the Hidden Jobs

In short, by networking you increase your odds of uncovering those jobs that never make it to the classifieds or an employment site.

So next time you feel as if there’s no hope to land a new job, seek out the advice of someone who’s successfully navigated today’s difficult hiring environment. You might be surprised at how big a role networking played in leading these job-seeking success stories to new work.

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