Job Search Advice for Finding New Work When You’re Already Employed

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceYou’re already gainfully employed. Unfortunately, your current job is less than satisfying. You want to make a professional job change, finding a new career that is more fulfilling. You, then, need job search advice for how to conduct a professional job search when you’re already employed.

The temptation is to devote at least a portion of your on-the-job time to fine-tuning your resume, searching online job boards, and sending messages to former colleagues asking for their job search suggestions.

Don’t Look for a New Career at Your Current Job

Don’t do this. If your current employer finds out that you’re spending work time on looking for a new job, you might find yourself in the same position as millions of other U.S. residents: unemployed.

Employers want their workers to be working. That’s not an unreasonable request. Just because you are looking for a new job, doesn’t mean that it’s ethical to take payment from your current employer while spending an hour or more each day on your job search.

The After-Hours Job Hunt

This means that you’ll have to conduct your job hunt after your normal working hours are over. This can be difficult. Looking for a job is, in many ways, a full-time job in itself. But consider yourself lucky. You already have a job. You’re not worried about finding a job before your money runs out. You don’t have to worry about landing work before your next mortgage payment comes due.

If possible, take some of your personal days and spend them on your job search. You can fine-tune your resume, contact your network of business associates, and practice your responses to the most common job interview questions. You might have to give up some of your weekend hours, too, to devote to your job search.

The Patient Job Search

Finding a job today takes time. It might take even more time if you’re already working. But be patient. Your hard work will pay off once you do find that satisfying, fulfilling new career.

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