Job Search Stalling? Consider a Social Media Job Search

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchIs your job search stalling? Maybe it’s time to consider launching a social media job search.

If you’re looking for a job today without turning to sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Years ago, job hunters weren’t able to find a new job with the help of social media. Today, you have no excuse not to tap into this technology.

The Social Media Opportunity

Thanks to social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, you can instantly tell hundreds of contacts – both business and personal – that you are looking for a new job. This is a powerful tool. You never know when one of your social media contacts will know of a company in your field that is hiring, a manager who is retiring – leaving a possible open spot for you – or a friend who is starting up her own company.

These tips can help shorten your job search dramatically. It’s not easy to land a new job today by applying to positions you find on the online job boards. Simply put, there are far too many people already applying for these jobs. The odds are high that your resume, no matter how well written, will be lost in the shuffle.

Social Media Job Leads

But when you get a job lead from a social media contact, you greatly increase your odds of at least landing an interview. You’ll learn about these jobs, after all, before they hit the online job boards or newspaper classifieds. This gives you the chance to submit your resume before these jobs go public, decreasing the competition for the open position.

You might also convince some of your most important social media contacts to write you letters of recommendation that you can bring with you to job interviews. A letter from a powerful business associate might be the difference in helping you land your next job.

The Successful Social Media Job Search

Of course, running a successful social media job search does take skill. Make sure that your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts aren’t littered with political, offensive, or embarrassing posts. You don’t want potential employers to learn just how much you drank at the nightclub two weeks ago. And you probably don’t want to share your hatred of Congress with hiring managers, either. But a professional Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ presence can only provide you with the help finding a job that you need today.

If you need help running a social media job search, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our career professionals can teach you how to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to shorten your job search.

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