Knowing Where to Search for Jobs Means Finding the Right Websites, Too

April 23, 2012

Changing Careers, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsToday’s job seekers have an advantage: The Internet is filled with resources to help them land a new job. But not all of these websites are created equal. Today’s job hunters have to know where to search for jobs, and that includes finding the best job search websites out there.

The problem with most every popular employment website is that it attracts too many qualified candidates for every job opening. Consider, the giant online job board. How many job seekers log onto this site every day? And how many then send resumes to every job opening that even remotely applies to them?

The Overwhelming Job Search

The numbers can boggle the mind. It’s why so many job seekers never receive even “no thanks” from so many of the jobs they find on online job sites. The hiring managers who have posted these ads are too often overwhelmed with the number of responses they receive. This leads them to all too frequently ignore the most qualified candidates for their open jobs.

Where does this leave today’s job hunters? They have to be more creative when searching for jobs online. Instead of logging onto the most popular hiring sites each morning, they need to find the best job search websites for them.

Boosting your Job Search Success

Often this doesn’t mean a giant, mega site. Instead, it might mean a smaller website designed to serve people in their field only.

Many of these sites serving just one field – everything from accounting to engineers to writers to teachers – post their own job listings every day. But these listings are all in one specific field. This limits the audience to these job sites. And that’s good news for people hoping to make a career change: They don’t have to compete with quite as many job seekers for every open position that they find.

Reducing the Job-Seeking Competition

Of course, job hunters will face competition even at these more specific online job search websites. But the competition will be less intense. And this can give job hunters’ resumes a chance to actually attract the attention of hiring managers.

Those job seekers, then, who want to boost their chances of landing a job interview, should dig deeper into the Internet to find those job sites that cater exclusively to their fields.

If you need help with your online job search strategies, sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. Our job search counselors can give you the information you need to enjoy a successful job search in 2012.

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