Knowing Where to Search for Jobs the Key Today

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsIt’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to make an executive career change today. After all, the unemployment rate remains far too high. There are dozens of qualified candidates vying for every job opening. Despite these negatives, though, the key to landing a top position today remains knowing where to search for jobs.

With social media sites and online job boards booming, you might think that the best of all job search strategies today is to do the majority of your job hunting online. After all, by using sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, you can instantly let your network of business and personal contacts know that you are looking for new work. And the online job boards list dozens of open positions in your field every day.

A Big Crowd at the Online Job Boards

Problem is, everyone else out there is relying on the virtual world, too, as they search for new jobs. This means that whenever you apply to a job ad on or Craigslist, you’re competing against dozens of similarly qualified candidates. The odds that a hiring manager will call you in for an interview are low, no matter how perfect a fit you are for a particular position.

This isn’t to make you give up hope of making an executive career change this year. Instead, it’s to encourage you to search for jobs in the most effective way: old-fashioned networking.

Networking the Path to Landing a New Job

The best way to land a job today remains networking with business acquaintances. These former co-workers, past bosses, and fellow chamber of commerce members are the ones who can clue you in on companies in the area that are expanding, manages who are retiring, and job openings that haven’t yet hit the job boards. Yes, you can do some of your networking through social media sites. But don’t ignore the power of non-virtual networking as well.

In other words, pick up the phone and call those former co-workers. Schedule a lunch meeting with a favored past boss. Attend your chamber of commerce’s next after-hours business event. Agree to give a speech in front of your local Rotary or Lions club. These are the ways to make connections, and the ways in which you’ll find those positions in the hidden job market.

Use All Your Job Search Tools

In today’s challenging hiring environment, you need to use every tool at your disposal to land a new job. This includes tapping the power of social media sites and scouring the online job boards. But even more importantly, it means relying on your network of business associates to give you an edge.

If you need job search training, be sure to sign up for our Get Hired Bootcamp. We can give you the skills you need to navigate today’s challenging jobs market.

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